Nøgne Ø # 100 (Batch 100) 10% (offisielt Barley Wine, men minner veldig om en DIPA!))

12.11.2013 22:52

Testet 12 oktober 2013: 

Apperance: First thing that strikes me is the amazing colour! Dark brownish with medium head. Head almost disappears after a little while. 


Aroma: Lots of smells, I won?t even start to guess all of them, but the presence of chocolate, hops and sweet fruits is there. 


Taste is massive, chocolate, caramel, really sweet fruits of some kind and alcohol. Gets really bitter towards the end, reminds me of Kinns Vestkyst India øl regarding finishing bitterness. This is apparently a beer that ages well, and will lose some of its bitterness if stored. Mine was brewed just 6 months ago (batch 945), so no wonder it's a little stiff on the finish. Slightly better than Nøgne Ø?s other DIPAs Two Captains and #500. 


Points: 80 points.